Common Table



Small events for big moments. 

Common Table is a quarterly dining experience based in Nashville, TN, founded on good food, cocktails, and community. In 2012, a small group of us got together and created Common Table as an excuse to draw friends and strangers together to dine in a unique and intimate setting. We have since hosted over two dozen gatherings in homes all across the city. 

The table is a longtime historical symbol of the power of shared experience. When we host a gathering, we see it as an opportunity to cultivate this notion. Our hope is when guests leave their seats, they’ve laughed loudly, relished new flavors, created a shared memory, and been inspired to gather around their own tables more often. 

As Chef Simoni Kigweba would say, “all food tells a story.” Whether it’s learning where the ingredients came from, the creative vision for the meal, or the memories that are created around the table, we believe well-prepared food fosters a bonding and worthwhile narrative.

About The Chef


Chef Simoni Kigweba hails from Memphis, TN with roots in Burundi, Africa. He grew up with a love for cooking, but started taking his passion seriously during college. Several years of hands-on training later, he became the full-time sous chef at Josephine, an upscale restaurant in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood. In December 2016, he left the restaurant to pursue his longtime dream — a full-time career in private catering for intimate gatherings.

Simoni lives, breathes, & evangelizes the art of food and community. Every menu he creates is thoughtfully themed; his care and detail translate into every bite, making the whole experience worth savoring. Whether you're looking to gather a small group of friends or planning a formal dinner, Simoni would be honored to help you create a memorable culinary experience.