Common Table



common table is a bimonthly gathering founded on darn good food + community. 

our story tends to be the same as our guests. we are busy creatives and professionals who know the need and value of taking intentional time to slow down and share company over a meal. our gatherings exist as a place to bring our neighbors together to do just this. every two months we set the table for ten, serving a gourmet multiple course meal with paired cocktails & inviting our guests to share a page in each other’s stories. 

as our nashville chef, simoni kigweba, says, “all food tells a story.” whether it’s where the ingredients came from, what the creative vision for the meal is, or the memories created around it, we believe food fosters narrative. people have been coming together in common places to share food and enjoy one another’s company for centuries, making the table a long-time historical symbol of community. when we host a gathering, we see it as an opportunity to cultivate these notions and create a memorable experience for our guests.

our hope is when our guests leave their seats, they’ve laughed loudly, relished new flavors, connected new dots and become inspired to gather ‘round their own common tables more often. we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to serve you. visit the hat to learn about becoming one of our guests in nashville, tn or dallas, tx.