Common Table



december's gathering & an ode to 2014.

thanks to every guest who sat at our table and every host that let us into their home in 2014. in 2014, we hosted our first non-table event (ice cream social + concert), had our first ever spontaneous post-dinner dance party with guests, started common table in dallas, tx, hosted a special collaboration dinner with our friends at WELD, were featured in two magazines, and met dozens of new friends at the table. in 2015, we have dreams for a custom made table for 10, to work on an annual publication featuring seasonal food & drink recipes our guests have claimed to love most over the last two years, and even more dance parties.

on a more personal note, we are infinitely grateful for what these small & simple gatherings have continued to teach us about the art of food, the beauty of gathering together and the kindness of perfect strangers. this nashville community is rare and brilliant, and we're reminded of it most when we watch what follows once we've set each common table. we treasure these gatherings and can't wait to introduce new spaces, musical talent and flavors to those of you that pull a chair at our table in 2015. february date coming soon! 

our annual holiday brunch marked two years of common table in nashville. thanks to our lovely hosts, the casciottas, and musical guest molly parden for making december 6, 2014 so merry & memorable.

you can view the food menu here. bottomless coffee was a local Eighth & Roast blend brewed by our friend & barista, rachel. the lovely cocktail you'll see in the photos is a pear & rosemary mimosa by our drink wizard, chris. I prefer to call it "christmas in a cup."

here's the recipe:

3 oz champagne

2 oz pear nectar

1 oz st. germain

rosemary (for garnish)

and lastly, some photos from the afternoon by our lovely mikaela..