Common Table



june's gathering: summer in sicilia.

thanks to our lively guests and hosts for a summer dinner to remember in june. not only did we find "the perfect italian dinner playlist" on spotify, adding to the evening's theme, but we all ended the night in a spontaneous dance party under a crystal chandelier. 

thanks for taking off your shoes with us and helping us end our second-ever summer gathering terrifically. 

we have photos from our first special event scoops + sounds coming soon, but until then you can enjoy some free comedy by viewing the photobooth pictures posted on our Facebook page

save the date(s): our next two gatherings will fall on october 17, 2014 and december 6, 2014. more info coming soon.

for now, enjoy these photos from june's summer in sicilia. taken by mikaela hamilton:

summer in sicilia-28.jpg
summer in sicilia-30.jpg
summer in sicilia-35.jpg
summer in sicilia-15.jpg
summer in sicilia-24.jpg
summer in sicilia-26.jpg
summer in sicilia-33.jpg
summer in sicilia-41.jpg
summer in sicilia-51.jpg
summer in sicilia-47.jpg
summer in sicilia-62.jpg
summer in sicilia-61.jpg
summer in sicilia-50.jpg
summer in sicilia-46.jpg
summer in sicilia-55.jpg
summer in sicilia-64.jpg
summer in sicilia-71.jpg
summer in sicilia-72.jpg
summer in sicilia-77.jpg
summer in sicilia-74.jpg
summer in sicilia-87.jpg
summer in sicilia-73.jpg
summer in sicilia-89.jpg
summer in sicilia-95.jpg
summer in sicilia-98.jpg
summer in sicilia-107.jpg
summer in sicilia-110.jpg
summer in sicilia-111.jpg
summer in sicilia-118.jpg
summer in sicilia-120.jpg
summer in sicilia-113.jpg
summer in sicilia-112 (1).jpg