Common Table



first gathering of 2016: the menu

this past december, our team sat down for a holiday brunch to dream together and welcome our 4th year of common table. we decided we'd spend the next year focusing on four seasonal dinners, and we're excited to kick off this series as we welcome the arrival of spring.


for each dinner this year, we will be celebrating food from a different region of the world, with our own creative twists. 

in effort to be mindful of the privilege of feeding our own community, we want to pull themes from our global community to create an experience both familiar and transporting.
— chef simoni


our first dinner of 2016 will be hosted on friday, april 15 at 7PM. it will be an ode to the middle east, with spring-inspired, fresh mediterranean flavors, as seen in the menu below:


this dinner also consists of a specialty paired cocktail, wine, and surprise musical guest performance. the plate fee will be $50 a person.

if you'd like to attend this dinner, please submit your name by midnight this monday, april 4th. we will randomly draw and follow up with ten guests on tuesday, april 5th. 

if you're not drawn from the hat or can't make it this time, stay tuned—we'll follow this dinner with a special spring recipe for your own backyard gathering. 

hoping to serve you soon,

team ct