Common Table



announcement: february's gathering.

we’re excited to announce that our next common table gathering will be dinner, held saturday evening, february 23 at 6pm. 

chef kigweba’s theme for this meal is “of the air,” which will feature a culinary exploration of the meat delicacy*, duck.

a simplified peak at the menu:

first: frisee salad, picked vegetables, tomato, buttery canard vinaigrette

second: fingerling potatoes, canard gremolata

third: duck confit, watercress chesnuts, mushroom 

fourth: duck breast, parsnips, carrots, orange

last: olive sinclair incorporated dessert

cocktail/drink pairings to be determined by our drinksmith. awesomely determined.

seat price + drink flight: $50

lookin’ forward to setting the table for ten of you in february! the evening will be divine.

visit the hat to read through & drop your name in by midnight on wednesday, january 30, at which time we will close hat submissions.


-team common table

*we happily provide a vegetarian substitution for all of our gatherings, please feel free to email us at to request this altered menu.