Common Table



gathering one: holiday brunch

we hosted common table’s first official gathering on the second weekend of december, right in the heart of the christmas season. it’s a time of year we often can’t seem to stop running from place-to-place or writing down to-do lists, and yet it’s a time of year we need most to pause.

it would be a shame to roll through the season without letting ourselves stay wrapped up in our comforters on a saturday for just a little bit longer than intended, with no morning plans to drag us up, only books to read and records to play.

so we chose a holiday brunch. for brunch, by very nature, seems to suggest to take the morning slowly, to arrive hungry and rested, with an unspoken willingness to tarry. and we’re for that.


[the meal]

chef’s centerpiece & theme for this meal: the potato. (a remnant of chef kigweba’s earliest culinary experimentation, also symbolic of this meal’s hearty and earthy-inspired cuisine).

coffee pairing: homemade, multiple serving-sized cinnamon rolls to share family style

first course (pictured above): red creamer potato with mousse + mushroom ragout, topped with salmon caviar

second course: poached egg over gnocchi with broth + cippolini

last course: clafoutis (a french baked dessert featuring cherry, custard-like batter)


[drink flight]

starter: stumptown coffee’s ethiopia nano challa blend, chemex-brewed by barista josh

first pairing: classic mimosa with orange peel twist by our drinksmith, chris

second pairing: christmas in a cup. apple sage whiskey ale garnished with cinnamon baked apple peel. yep, just as magical as it sounds. chris wow-ed us big time.

last pairing: uno mas cafe, por favor!


below: the mastermind, chef kigweba, putting final touches on the first course.




we found that these words by j.r.r. tolkien captured the hope in this gathering wonderfully:

"if more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world."

we’re abundantly thankful for these very first guests, who gathered around the table and let us trial run this baby with no questions asked. your joy left us full.

our team’s been creatively scheming since, and we’re excited to serve a new ten of you in february. details to follow soon!