Common Table



gathering two: dine & dance.

our second common table gathering was dinner, taking place on satuday, february 23rd in our dear ol’ 12 south neighborhood. chef kigweba’s theme for the meal was “of the air” or maybe better known by our guests as the duck feast—the really incredible, dannng-this-is-good, five course duck feast.

at sunset, our ten guests drifted in, appeasing their appetites with slices of homemade duck-fat bread & locally-made apple butter.


before long, chairs were being pulled and first course was making its way out of the kitchen. conversation and laughter blossomed & grew throughout the evening as old and new friends connected dots, shared stories and told a few good jokes.

course 1: frisee salad with pickled veggies, fresh cherry tomatoes & duck fat vinaigrette

drink pairing: the mata hari by our drinksmith, chris.


course 2: duck fat fingerling potatoes topped with a aromatic herb medley


course 3: duck confit over mushroom ragu, topped with watercress

drink pairing: medium, silky(and bottomless) pinot noir.


course 4: roasted duck breast with parsnip tart, roasted carrots & orange bernaise


course 5: banana mousse over an olive & sinclair dark chocolate truffle with espresso nibs

drink pairing: french-pressed & local, our neighbor roast inc.'s brazil blend coffee. (note: there may or may not have been an encore round of cocktails that followed.)

surprise guest: jillian edwards chapman, who played us a few new songs to make desert a little sweeter.


this gathering didn’t end at the table. after awhile of invited lingering, our guests decided dancing was the only acceptable way to put this evening to rest. (we agreed.) so, the whole lot of us ventured out to dance the night away and relish the warmth, whimsy and company the day had gifted us with. it was an evening that will be hard to forget, the first prized memory created in 2013’s memoir for both common table & several of our guests.

thank you to our guests and jillian for creating something special around the table that night that echoes a story of something much grander and more beautiful than just a spread of delicious food & drinks. the community we saw unfold and outbursts of laughter we heard from the kitchen are exactly why we do this.

next up: april 20th on the porch! details coming soon. but, the hat is open!