Common Table



announcement: new year's day brunch.

happy to announce that this very december we are celebrating one year of common table gatherings! we are overwhelmingly grateful for all who have been apart of these gatherings, the memories we’ve gotten to be a part of & the ones ahead. we will be celebrating how we started it all, with brunch - this time, on new year’s day! 

we’re excited to celebrate by setting the table for ten of you and welcoming 2014 with an unforgettable meal. the brunch will be held wednesday, january 1st at a half past noon at an undisclosed location in nashville. expect a gourmet coffee presentation upon arrival, served up by one of our favorite local baristas, as well as brunch cocktails and a few songs by a special guest.

the simplified (veiled) menu is as follows:

important details: plate cost is $40. this includes high quality & local ingredients, all drink pairings, laughter, mini surprise concert, a small takeaway to bring with you into the new year. if you have allergies or are a vegetarian, do not fret—contact us through the hat form & we’ll adapt accordingly if you are drawn. 

drop your name in, tell a friend or two. we’ll close the hat sunday night, december 8th and will be randomly selecting ten of you to join us on january 1st. you should expect an email by december 10th if you’ve been drawn! a formal invitation will follow shortly in the mail.

can’t wait to have you at the table soon,

cadence, moni + team possible