Common Table



introducing: the hat

when started dreaming up common table gatherings, we saw them as an opportunity to to create something uniquely intimate that quilted our neighbors, with a common appreciation for honest food and conversation, together.

that’s when we fell in love with the idea of drawing names from a hat. no bias + equal opportunity + the element of surprise = we dig it.

how it works

we announce each gathering a month in advance (via blog, social media and email list). basic details such as date, meal theme and price are provided, at which time we also open up the hat.*

*by filling out the form for "the hat," you enter your name and confirm you are available to attend and pay the plate fee if you are selected for the upcoming gathering date.

you will receive an email notifying you within 48 hours after the hat’s been closed if you have been drawn to join nine others. in this same email, you will be asked to submit your plate cost(s) through the website. once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a formal invitation by snail mail. 

in the event that you can no longer join us at the table after your formal invitation’s been sent (life happens, we hear ya), it will then be your responsibility to pass the invitation on to another local who can attend. give, sell, or bargain—as long as the invitation is accounted for and you have confirmed the change in guests with us.

post-attendance eligibility

once we have had the joy of serving you at a common table gathering, your name will no longer have priority over first time guests for the rest of the calendar year. however, you are invited to continue to drop your name in to be put on our default list (in the event that a first-time guest has to cancel and has no replacement).  this was all simply decided on in the effort to serve as many new faces as possible and to motivate our team to provide our guests with a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.